Protein Powder is the #1 Way to be Healthy

Protein Powders

Protein powder is a staple in health conscious and sport enthusiasts diets. I know, it’s been a staple in my diet for years. But not all protein powder is the same. Some are milk derived like whey and casein proteins. Some are from egg sources. Some are keto friendly and then there’s your Vegan plant based protein powders.

It’s important to remember the pro’s and con’s of your protein powder.

Do you need it for muscle growth? Muscle repair? As a pre-work out shake? Post work out shake?

Are you cruelty free and want to have a powder that will provide you with your essential amino acids without the harm to animals?

Are you lactose intolerant and can’t enjoy the whey as you’d like? If you suspect this is you, then The Full testing package will analyze your sample against over 350 foods and 350 non-foods – IntoleranceLabimage 9294229 14074305.

Protein Powder: Weigh Your Whey

A look at whey protein. Whether powder or bar, not all whey is the same. You will want to look for whey protein that is organic or all natural and grass fed. I know what you may be thinking, but it’s so expensive! Trust me, your mind and body will thank you for it.

If you can’t spend the extra for organic then the most important health criteria you will want to look for on the label of your product is that the whey protein is rbst free and with no added hormones.

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Whey Protein Powder for Mental Health

There have been clinical studies showing that dairy products such as whey, have beneficial effects on cognitive decline and dementia. Could whey be an answer to your memory retention and depressive symptoms?

Whey, a byproduct of dairy, is rich in protein and consists of βlactalbumin, α-lactoglobulin, immunogloblin, bovine serum albumin, among other proteins.

There are recent clinical trials that reveal whey protein improves cognitive functioning and mood status. It showed that an intake of 20 grams of whey protein improves memory performance in stress-vulnerable subjects aged from 18 to 35 years old. You can read about this in the full article here.

Plant Based Protein Powder

This is a great place for many people who are sensitive to dairy products or maybe are overmethylating. It is great for those who thrive on folates and need a protein powder for their building blocks of amino acids, and maintenance of muscle. These are popular products among the vegan community who are proactive about consuming animal products.

These are also great because you can find powders that are meal replacements: loaded with your vitamins, minerals, probiotics and more.
This is a convenient way to cover most of your health bases in a morning smoothie mixed with milk of your choice (dairy, almond, coconut..)

If you go with this option you may feel and see benefits including in your mental health. You may feel more relaxed and more energized than you have before due to the vitamins in the powder.

Buy a vegan powder that is organic and non-GMO.

Be aware that these powders may have a lot of grains in them that can trigger food allergy symptoms as well if one is gluten intolerant. Get your Complete Food Sensitivity Test image 9294229 14056854 today.

Whey protein powder may be your choice since it increases tryptophan levels which increases serotonin and provides an animal source of energy. Another option that I personally enjoy is an organic all in one shake that provides essential vitamins, fruits and greens, grains and some include probiotics and enzymes.

You have many options to choose from. Have you decided on a protein powder of your choice?

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