MTHFR: #1 Methylation Support


The MTHFR gene mutation has different variants such as the being homozygous and heterozygous. MTHFR can have significant reductions in methylation and people could benefit from supplementing with activated forms of folate, such as methylfolate, methylcobalamin B12, B6 as P-5-P and other methylated nutrients such as TMG or SAMe.

If you have the homozygous MTHFR gene mutation you may benefit from methylation support for your mental health condition.

May Come with Side Effects

It is important to get accurate testing done before you decide to supplment with these nutrients. Methylated nutrients are very powerful and may produce unwanted effects such as irritability, anger outbursts and deterioration instead of improvement. That is because not everyone can tolerate methylated vitamins and that is especially true for people suffering with mental health conditions. People suffering from mental health conditions need methylation balance, but most of what you find on the market for MTHFR and homocysteine are in high potency dosages.

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Taking high doses of methylated vitamins and supplements can lead to overmethylation. These are commonly found in most multivitamins and Homocysteine formulations. This can make symptoms worse and create a sense of overdrive in some individuals.

If you still think you need methylation support for your MTHFR genetic mutation, then try a formulation with split and divided capsule doses. This way, instead of one capsule once a day, you can try a formula that is 4 capsules a day for example. Instead of taking your entire daily dose, try 1/4 of the dosage and supplement with only one capsule for the day. Please be adviced to start slow and work with a qualified practitioner that can assess your individualized needs.

Common side effects and symptoms of too much methylation include:

Itchy, crawly skin
Runny nose
Body pain,
Anger outbursts
Panic attacks

If you are still unsure and want genetic testing done – I suggest seeking a Nutritionist to get this SNP testing. You can schedule this anytime online 24/7 at mytelemedicine.

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