Methylfolate is the Mind Master

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This post is about methylfolate and how it can drive some people crazy. It can literally strip you of crucial DNA. It is possible that it strips DNA at the cellular level, according to research done on the Walsh approach.

On the other hand, following a functional medicine approach, methylfolate spurs the production of neurtransmitters. These neurotransmitters include serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

I personally was prescribed methylfolate by most practitioners I visited as I did my research on the MTHFR genetic mutation and how it can play a role in mental health conditions.

I also did my research on the Walsh approach.

Never the less, I stayed persistent on the methylfolate. Supplementing on and off, only to find myself deteriorating a lot of the time.

Methylfolate is a large methyl donor and is able to cross the blood brain barrier for those who are positive for the MTHFR gene. This sounds great and it really helps – at first.

It is advised by many practitioners to supplement with all methylated nutrients for your body to methylate properly, including methylfolate, methylcobalamin, P-5-P, Riboflavin, choline, magnesium, TMG and others.

The amount and dosage of the methylating nutrients depends on the individual.

If at this point if you do not know what methylation is, you can check out the methylation page of my site before delving into this blog. It’ll really give you a greater insight into this blog post.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Methylfolate

Methylfolate is needed by many healthy individuals and those suffering mental illness. But what practitioners don’t realize is it can also exacerbate or be the cause of mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, behavioral problems or psychosis if prescribed wrong.

Many people can be under or over methylated. If a person finds out they have a methylation imbalance (although many methylate normally), then the WRONG nutrients can potentially actually cause mental health symptoms.

Makes sense right? If it were that common sense, these mistakes wouldn’t be made over and over, by so many practitioners and health conscious people supplementing with let’s say, multivitamins that include folates.

The B-Vitamin Mistake

It was long known that B vitamins give a boost of natural energy. This sounds exactly like what a person with say, chronic fatigue syndrome, might need. But if this person is undermethylating, the folate in a B complex, is going to cause their neurotransmitters to fall and strip DNA and methyl groups. What’s an outcome? A fatigued patient now with newly found, full blown paranoia and psychosis instead.

Take this person to a doctor and they will tell them they have schizophrenia and put them on anti-psychotics ( which also lowers neutroansmitter levels -such as serotonin and dopamine).

But will this doctor even consider the supplements this person is on or to ween them off of supplements before diagnosis and medicating? Unfortunately, probably not.

What’s seen more is psychiatrists actually prescribing folates to patients along with medications. This can be dangerous if done wrong.

More practitioners need to be aware of the do’s and don’t of methylfolate, along with all forms of folic acid.

Methylfolate can really help some people. But, it can be detrimental to a lot of people when it comes to mental health.

You can check out supplements here at Best Seller Life Extension Productsimage 9294229 13806868. You don’t need to choose methylfolate products. You can choose natural folate from food sources, or folinic acid. You can stay clear of all folates if that’s what your mind and body needs.

Listen to your practitioners advice. Please choose wisely your supplement protocol. Most importantly listen to your mind and body.

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