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Mental health has been known to be challenging and affects millions of people every day.

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Don’t let your symptoms drag you down and muddle your healthy self-expression or strip you of your life and confidence anymore. Visit a specialist online now at mytelemedicine.

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Hi. I am Olivia Malczewski. I am a certified health writer and blogger. My focus of writing is on nutrition and mental health. I have a passion for healing the mind.

I’m Olivia Malczewski, and The Mentalista. I am a health writer bringing you information and insights on the inner workings of the mind – including how to heal the root causes of mental illness.

The Mentalista is a mental health writer for sufferers, their loved ones, and anyone interested in reading about the inner workings of the mind. This is an information site on natural foods, diet plans, vitamins, supplements, medications, herbs, blog posts, studies, resources, psychological matters & more.

You will find all the different remedies under my blog section as well as information and insights for an optimal mentality.

The Mentalista is a reliable choice for a cup of mental health healing information.

flourished with personal blog postings for your viewing. As well as lists of mental health conditions, treatments, and remedies.

Also, you will get a background in conventional and alternative mental health and psychological concepts. You can view clinical studies here to help with your own choice for healing.

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The remedies here are for information purposes that may help relieve symptoms – not to cure, or diagnose illness.